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Our city Saint-Etienne

Some common questions that we ask ourselves when the Lord calls us: Where, When, How, with Whom, etc.?

For the question "Where do You want us to be for our call for France? "The Lord told us,"Saint-Etienne "!

It is important to understand why the Lord would have us at a specific location as opposed to another. Our destiny is intimately intertwined with the land where we live. In Jeremiah 29:7 it is written, seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for your happiness depends on the happiness of the city. If this is the recommendation for a land where we are deported to, how much more would be our duty to our own country?

It took us a few years to clearly understand why the city of Saint-Etienne.

Let me take a moment to introduce to you our wonderful city of Saint-Etienne [Saint-Stephen] (perhaps from an Apostolic point of view).

Geographically, we are located in the department of the Loire, in the Rhône-Alpes region on the east side of the center of France (commonly called the Southeast Quarter of France).

The Loire is named after the longest river in France (The Loire) whose source is less than two hours from Saint-Etienne.

Blason ville de Saint-Etienne, Armeville

After Madrid and Sofia, Saint-Etienne is one of the largest cities in altitude in Europe (approx. 170 000 inhabitants at over 480 meters in altitude).

The city is very hilly, there are seven hills, much like Rome, Nimes, Besançon, Lisbon, Jerusalem, Yaoundé and Bergen.

The first written records dating from 1184 mention Sanctus Stephanus Furano (Saint-Etienne of Furan).

The city is known for its manufacturing of weapons, it was temporarily renamed Weapon-Ville or Weapons City during the French Revolution. The city of Saint-Etienne then became a major arms factory during the French Revolution.

For decades, the city of Saint-Etienne was known for its mineral deposits of coal. Saint-Etienne played an important role in the Industrial Revolution of France in the 18th century. France entered the industrial revolution phase in 1820 - 1830 with the generalization of the looms and construction of the first railway tracks under Louis Philippe. The development of manufacturing in the early eighteenth century is the real first industrial revolution in France, with all the characteristics of French capitalism.

Thus, Saint Etienne at the beginning of the nineteenth century became the largest coal basin in France.

In 1827, the first railroad in France was built in Saint-Etienne (between Saint-Etienne and Andrézieux, about 20 km from Saint Etienne). From Andrézieux, coal was shipped on flat-bottomed boats: called the "rambertes". The first line of the French railway was launched.
In 1832, a second line is opened, ensuring both the transport of goods and people between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. This was the first commercial railroad in France. And the first train ticket, in the world, for passengers will be printed in 1834 in Saint-Etienne.

Hôtel de Ville de Saint-Etienne

In 1829-1830, Barthelemy Thimonnier invents the first sewing machine in the world, in Saint-Etienne. In the same year, and thanks to eight orders, he opens the first mechanical clothes making workshop of the world. It will manufacture the uniforms of the army.

Saint-Etienne has contributed to other inventions or the development of inventions already in place, such as the bicycle etc.

The location of Saint-Etienne, about 45 minutes from Lyon, is a considerable asset.
Lyon, being the first capital of the Gaulle, remains to this day, one of many transport cross roads of France.

Many things go through Lyon. In history, Lyon was the first large city in France to receive the Gospel. It is likely that the city of Lyon was evangelized in the 1st century by Lazarus, Mary Magdalene and their families who had previously settled around Marseille, following the persecution they were subjected to in Israel.

Having this overview, we realize that the city of Saint-Etienne is one of the key cities of France. Key, by its history, but also key due to the role it now plays in the development of the socio-economic fabric and with the students of France.

The longest river in France,
One of the highest cities in Europe "a high place",
The city of seven hills, mining land, a weapons factory,
1st passenger and merchandise railway in France, invention of the sewing machine, etc.
All of these have significant meaning in the eyes of God.
And it wouldn't be right to forget about the favorite sport of Saint Etienne, football (soccer game): the Greens and the Cauldron. LOL!

We need to simply recognize the Apostolic Call over the city of Saint-Etienne. Since the beginning of time, the Lord has a destiny for this city to be a pioneer in various fields in France and abroad. This Calling has not been that simple; the enemy has tried several times to extinguish the flame of our cauldron. But our God is Faithful!

He continues to put the fate of this city in the heart of men and women...

Each city has its own calling and specificity. God has not changed. His gifts and His callings are unchanged (Romans 11:29). Sometimes we fall asleep forgetting the Lord's purposes; but He never repents of His plans for us.

We are very happy to be in Saint Etienne. And we bless the Lord for having placed us here for such a time as this.

To you who do not know our lovely city: You are Welcome to visit!


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