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The New Wineskin

Robert and Linda Heidler - November 15th - 17th, 2013

We bless the Lord for this wonderful weekend spent together with Robert and Linda HEIDLER.

We've been so blessed by the Lord: Worship, Intercession and Teachings "The Apostolic Church, a New Vision".

We live times when God makes new things.

One of the new things God is doing, is: He is restoring the Church on its primitive roots, those of the New Testament.

What "The Apostolic Church" means?

What is our share of responsibility in the work the Lord is doing?

How can we (the current church) operate with Power and in allignment with the Spirit as the early Church did in the New Testatment?

What is our real inheritance?

To understand the history the Chruch during almost 2000 years: history history made of Life, Death, and Resurrection!


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We are very grateful for all our friends that support what the Lord is doing here!

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