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Nation Convocation Ivory Coast

Theme: Arise ans Shine!

July 11-13, 2014 Abidjan


Nation Convocation Ivory Coast

As you know, we have held a Time of Intercession for the Ivory Coast from July 11th to 13th, 2014, based on the theme "Arise and Shine" from Isaiah 60:1

This vision has been carried and led by our Apostolic Center here in Saint-Etienne, France together with Global Spheres Africa, Global Spheres USA and the Ministries and Churches of Ivory Coast.

Altogether, a delegation of 7 people joined with the Ivorian brothers and sisters:

  • Global Spheres Africa:
    • Apostle Emmanuel KURE from Nigeria.
    • Apostle OFODILE NZIMIRO from Nigeria.
    • Apostle Stanford TASSIE from Nigeria.
    • Doctor Gabriel TAYO from Cameroun.
    • Prophet Raymond AYUK from Cameroun.
  • Global Spheres USA:
    • Apostle Allen FAUBION.
  • Réveil et Gloire Ministry - France:
    • Apostle Paul VIGLO.

The Ivorian Organization Committee made of about 15 people was led by:

  • Apostle Daniel OUYA, Senior Contact.
  • Elder Serge BAH, Senior Coordinator.
  • Apostle Gédéon GUEI, Host-Servant.

The Conference was held in the buildings of the Agape Revival Church, Philadelphia Temple, Yopougon, Toit-rouge, Abidjan.

It's important to note that this vision for Intercession for the Ivory Coast began in December 2013.
The road from December 2013 to July 2014 hasn't been easy. We had a lot of spiritual opposition.
We bless the Lord who has made all things come to fruition!!!

We believe that the Lord has called our Ministry to be one of His different channels for revival in France and within all the French-speaking Nations!

The Spirit showed us that "in the same way that France is the spiritual womb for Europe; the Ivory Coast is called to be the spiritual gateway for the French-speaking African nations.”

So this first African French-Speaking Nations conference for our Ministry and Global Spheres should not be taken lightly...

When our aircraft entered the Ivorian airspace, in the spirit I heard screams, cries and tears of an innumerable crowd. It terrified my spirit. Then the Holy Spirit began speaking into my spirit "what you hear is the cry of the bloodshed on the Ivorian soil. The bloodshed in violence in recent years in the Ivory Coast still cries out for vengeance!!! The Church of Ivory Coast must return to Me. She must be aware of the outstanding issues...

I was greeted with a warm welcome upon my arrival, in the middle of the night , on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014at Abidjan airport.

Nevertheless, there was still much tension in the spiritual atmosphere over the country and the organization of our time of intercession.

During the night of July 8th to 9th, the Spirit showed me in a vision the principalities which our mandate is called to deal with in the country:
- Witchcraft or spirits of domination.
- And the spirit of prostitution...

The next day (Wednesday, 9th July), we had an appointment for an interview on Benie-Tv (Blessed TV), one of the most well-known Christian TV channels in the Ivory Coast.
In the midst of our intervention, there was a power outage that lasted all day. This had never happened in this well-to-do neighborhood of Abidjan, according to our guests.

Equipe d'organisation spéciale conférence d'intercession Côte d'Ivoire

We then left the TV station to gather the rest of the organizing committee to have a substantial time of intercession...I was then able to raise awareness with our intercessors from our Ministry in France and the United States in order to intensify their prayers.
The Spirit of God strengthened and encouraged us during this time of intercession.

Thursday, July 10thwas devoted to finalizing the details of the organization and hosting the various foreign delegations.

During our debriefing with the various guests, Dr. TAYO from Cameroon shared about a spiritual attack he felt when their plane landed in Abidjan.
In short, we all knew that the Lord would do great things in this conference, which is why the enemy was so bent on slowing us down.

Friday July 11thwas very powerful! A good start!

Initially, there were few people that showed up. It was a little discouraging... But once we positioned ourselves, the Spirit began to gather the people.
It was awesome to see the room fill up as things went on...

Acte prophétique avec un vêtement royal

We were greeted by a prophetic act. They clothed us in royal tribal Ivorian garments. This really changed the speed of things spiritual.

After that, I opened the meeting by sharing on the theme "Arise, and Shine!"

We felt the Spirit of God descending upon us!
The day was very moving. The first part was focused on the work of bringing awareness to the people about where they were at; and the Call or the Destiny over the Ivory Coast.

We then prayed for the leaders of the country, taking a handful of people that was representing the country at that particular meeting as a point of contact.

Temps de prières

During this time of prayer, Pastor Esdras ( Ezra from the Ivory Coast) had a vision.
"In this vision, he saw an old house very high in the sky that looked like a lighthouse. This house had a door, and an infinite number of windows. These windows and the door were closed and all were blocked by huge chains.
While we prayed, suddenly, the chains fell.
When the door and windows were opened, thick black smoke escaped.
When the smoke had completely left the house, the color of the house had changed and doves of different species and colors came out of the house."

A powerful vision for the Church of the Ivory Coast


During the evening, Emmanuel KURE and Allen FAUBION led the meeting.
They had been instructed to declare a sabbatical year or Rest for the Church of the Ivory Coast. May the earth finally enter into its rest, the Rest of the Lord...
With the sound of the shofar and the prayer time The Spirit started moving...
A powerful time to bring the Church of the Ivory Coast into realignment with itself, with its own destiny and with God.

Emmanuel KURE a partagé Job 3:8

Emmanuel KURE shared and prayed from Job 3:8 and the entire chapter 28.
"Gold and silver have a home..." The treasures and resources we seek so much have a home.
"Precious stones have a home..." The provision of our callings... The different provision that we actually run after have "a home..."
The time has come when the Spirit directs our steps towards the sources and resources that belong to us.

We then prayed and took position against the two spirits that hold the Ivory Coast as God showed us.

  1. The spirits of witchcraft...
    The people of the Ivory Coast, including the Church is under the influence of the spirits of rulers, who enslave the people under the yoke of poverty, crime etc...
  2. The spirit of prostitution.
    Not only the Ivorian people prostitute themselves from god to god, from one government to another government, but this mindset has settled into the local assemblies.
    Churches have become partisan to political party structures...
    Adultery and fornication have settled into local assemblies.

It was a great moment of Intercession and laying on of hands for the members that were present from the Church of the Ivory Coast and for the whole country.

There is no doubt that we were there, accomplishing the works of the Lord, at the right time, His time.

Saturday, July 12th, we started the day with a New Dimension of Anointing.

I opened the day by providing an exhortation on the "Call and Importance of JUDAH (Worship and Praise, and the various ways in which it is expressed)." Then we had a time of prayer and impartation.

Le prophète AYUK et le Docteur TAYOU

The Cameroonian brothers took over.

Prophet AYUK and Doctor TAYOU put emphasis on the principle of "God's hand on someone's life."
What is "The Hand of God"?
How does it work in our lives etc...?
A time of prophetic prayer that was led by the Spirit of God.

Apôtre Odofile

The Apostle OFODILE from Nigeria led the rest of the intercession time during the afternoon, beginning with a vision he had received.

"In his vision, the Spirit of God stared into Hades. He saw kings, elders from the Ivory Coast lying on the ground... They held in their hands a golden royal scepter.
The Spirit of God said to him... "Those are the elders of the people, to whom I had given authority and royalty over the Ivory Coast. They died with their authority and glory of this country. There aren't any royal scepters in this country anymore. So to compensate for this, the leaders of this nation covenanted themselves with death in order to connect with the scepter that is in Hades... They all govern through an oath with death.
This is what brought them under death and destruction."

Drapeau Côte d'Ivoire

Now, I stand to free this country.
My breath of judgment will blow on this country today for 7 months.
During the next 7 months, I will remove from this country what is continuing to feed this covenant with Hades.

This judgment will begin with my church and will cover the entire nation, from its most senior leaders to the smallest...

I, the Lord, will send My wind and My angels to cleanse this land (Ivory Coast) to create a healthy environment, so that a new life takes place..."
The Spirit let us to pray with the passage in Isaiah 28: 14-19.

This lead us to a very intense time of intercession to cut the chains of dominion and death over the destiny of the country and the Church...

The Spirit was so much at work that deliverance, freedom, healings, and tongues happened without anyone needing to lay hands on anyone.

Présentation de la vision du Ministère Global Sphère

The Apostles Emmanuel and Allen led the evening meeting.
This meeting was devoted to presenting the vision of the Ministry Global Spheres.
After which he made an appeal for those who wanted to join Global Spheres.

After that about 36 people (churches and ministry leaders, businessmen and businesswomen) requested to join Global Spheres.

The Apostle Emmanuel took time to thank each person for making this gathering possible and for partaking in it.

The closing service was held on Sunday, July 13th.

Clôture du dimanche 13 juillet 2013 par Paul VIGLO

I concluded the weekend by sharing on the theme that the Spirit had put in my heart "The New Wineskin" according to Matthew 9:16-17 “No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and the tear is made worse. 17 Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.”
Just like everywhere in the world, the Lord's time came to the Ivory Coast to become a new wineskin to accommodate what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church today.
God raises up His people with a New Heart and transformed mind for Him!

Conclusion :

Certainly, the local organization was not the best we had seen; but the Spirit was definitely there.

There is no doubt that this conference fully reflects:

  • The Timing or the Agenda of God.
  • The Place according to His Heart to host this meeting.
  • Realities that the Ivory Coast is going through.
  • The Heart of God for the Ivory Coast, the French-Speaking Nations and the French-speaking nations of Africa.

On Monday 14 July, the Lord showed us a clear and unambiguous sign that a change had occurred in the spiritual realm over the country.

For several years now, every 14th of July, it rains in abundance in the Ivory Coast. For you, this might seem to mean to have any significance... but when we look at this phenomenon closely: July 14th is the anniversary of the birth of the French Republic. It is the victory of the Bastille, symbolizing the end of absolute monarchy and the birth of the Republic.

Beyond the spiritual and socio-political significance of this date for France, it has nothing to do with the Republic of the Ivory Coast. Yet for decades, it has always rained on the Ivorian soil, while France celebrated its national holiday.

Remember, during this weekend of intercession, we prayed a lot to break the secret or evil alliances between France and the Ivory Coast.

And there, for the first time in several years, it didn't rain on the city of Abidjan on July 14th, 2014.
This is clear evidence that the things accomplished in the spirit manifest in the natural as well.

La pluie sur la ville d'Abidjan le 14 juillet 2014

God restores in Ivory Coast his own blessings.

Finished the time (weather) to align itself with the blessings of others...

At the middle-day of Tuesday, July 15th, God freed (released) on Abidjan a big rain, the one who will feed this earth (ground). The Rain of Ivory Coast!!!

The Ivory Coast is called out of captivity and evil alliances. This will pave the way for the French-Speaking African countries.

Remerciements :

We thank the Lord for this appointment for the Ivory Coast; and this appointment for each of us.

We thank all the churches, ministries, leaders of the Ivory Coast and the Ivorian people who made this meeting possible.

We thank all the teams that came from abroad and give their best to see the new Ivorian wineskin take shape.

Thanks to all those who have contributed in one way or another (our partners) to the success of this meeting.

A Big Thank You to Global Spheres Africa for everything...

Words are inadequate to express our gratitude to the Lord our God, and to each of you for everything you have done.

We believe that this is only the beginning of a Great Work for the Ivory Coast, French-Speaking Africa etc...

The beginning of a special work in Global Spheres in French-Speaking Africa, in addition to what is already being done in Cameroon and Congo Kinshasa!

The Shalom of the Lord be upon all of you!



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We are very grateful for all our friends that support what the Lord is doing here!

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