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Our Journey

In 2008, the Lord asked us to initiate a Kingdom Work in Saint-Etienne.  After a time of reflection and prayer, we started a church called, The Evangelical Church of Revival and Praise.

While building this church in 2008, the Lord began to speak to us, quite a bit,  about our call to build a "Prototype".  We say this humbly and without pretension.  We didn't think that the Lord was calling us to build the "best church" in our city, or in France, or of our generation. He was simply having us build, "a new kind of church; a prototype".

This call isn't ours alone. 

We believe that this is a call to action for all Christians!

God calls certain people among us to join together to continue building upon a work that already exists.

At other times, the Master calls us and entrusts us with a Kingdom Work that doesn't exist yet "in the earth realm". That's a Big Challenge!

We often ask ourselves questions in order to know:

  • What are we really called to?
  • What is the finished work supposed to look like?
  • Do we have the right to be inspired by an existing model, or even just a small part of that model?
  • Are we actually capable of making it happen?
  • What sort of challenges will we have to face?
  • Etc.

The advantage is that when we are beginning a Kingdom Work, we are definitely on fire for the Lord!  However, our joy, our thirst, our determination, and sometimes our idealism (the literal sense of the term) can get us into trouble.

In the midst of all that, we must admit that we have a major handicap; a handicap placed upon us by the Lord, Himself: "We know in part and we prophesy also in part..." (1 Corinthians 13:9).

This handicap makes us learn to depend entirely on the Lord; to simply believe that it He is fully in charge of His Work.  He's the Boss!

We end up by understanding that the revelations of the Lord are evolving and progressing!!!

The day when you think that you have it all figured out, is the day when you will certainly be deceived.

Day by day, our vision grew and evolved...

Beginning in 2011, we had started to sense a Directional Shift for the Vision.  This had nothing to do with our desires and our hopes, but was simply the Spirit gradually showing us the Path of our Destiny.

Starting in 2012, the Lord began showing us the extent of our call to France, French-speaking countries, the Nations and Israel.

We began to realize that our plan of building "a little local church" in the heart of our small town of Saint-Etienne would be turned upside down.

When the Lord had asked us to gather the Nation of France in Lyon, in June 2012, for a time of Worship and Intercession for the country, we didn't know it yet , but Holy Spirit was in the process of shifting gears and taking us to a new place.

It has taken us about two years to understand where we are going, how to build, with whom to build, why to build, what to build, etc.

Those were two long years, two very long years!

Perhaps, you know this feeling of "living day by day, and learning as you go". It can create a feeling of being powerlessness in the midst of chaos.

This helpless feeling is supposed to lead the place we can abandon ourselves completely to HIM!

Today, we have greater understanding.

Certainly, it is still in part, but we certainly understand more today than yesterday.

Actually, the Lord has not called us to build a church!!!

Instead, He has called us to build a Center, an Apostolic Center!!!

Now, you're going to ask us, "What an Apostolic Center is?"

We bless the Lord for the lives of all those who He has placed alongside us from the beginning of this vision, and for all those who are still here with us today.

We especially bless all those who were with us, but whose paths have gone in a different direction from ours.



If Lord places upon your heart to support our Ministry and you want to make a donation (Offerings, Tithes, First fruits, etc.) Click on the link below!

We are very grateful for all our friends that support what the Lord is doing here!

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